Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marble Falls Lakefest 2008 - Day Three

We only got a bit of video from day three, as things were running slooooow and the wind was blowing. We did catch an awesome Top Fuel Hydro run between the Speed Sports boat and Nitro Chicken in the video below.

All in all, Lakefest 2008 was badass -and congratulations to our first Hill Country Badass Award, Blown ALcohol Flat the "Ace of F**cking Spades". The fact that you had to tune your boat down just to race with no safety pod made you stand out above the rest as both crazy and hardcore. Learn more about them by clicking here

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marble Falls Lakefest 2008 - Day Two

We saw a spectacular crash today, an outboard drag boat flipped completely over at 105 mph. Didn't have the camera rolling so no footage - but it was quite scary as they had to get the divers out to the boat to free him from it as it was flipped over and under water.

Top Fuel Hydroplanes put on quite a show with some very high speed runs, topping out a 236 mph.

Below are badass photos and a video compilation of the day.

Oh and towards the end of the video, you'll get to see our candyass from yesterday (39 mph jetski) vs a Pro Eliminator Drag Boat - they gave him a 22 second head start in the quarter mile before the humiliation kicked off.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Marble Falls Lakefest 2008 - Day One

We got down and dirty in the pits today interviewing the drivers and crews. We found one racer in particular for the "Ace of Spades" who stood out as a true badass. His boat can whoop ass on any other boat here, but since he doesn't have a safety canopy, they made him throttle his boat down. So imbetween autographing a woman's chest (her husband helped) these dudes work on their water rocket and party like rockstars.

So kick some ass tomorrow Ace of Spades - we'll be in the pit with a followup.

some photos from the pits

and heres a video of the final run of the day - we did get to see a 209 MPH run earlier - this one was hardly badass at 188 mph.

oh and today's "you sure are a candyass" award goes to the dude who entered his jetski in the races today and had a top speed of 39 MPH - after 8 runs. I'm not even going to waste bandwidth to show you the pitiful video.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Marble Falls Lakefest 2008 - DRAG BOATS!

We are headed north to Marble Falls, for Lakefest 2008. What do they do at Lakefest? The race Drag Boats. These things are pure badass - fighter jet cockpit attached to a floating engine. We hope to get in some interviews with these racers and will have our first Hill Country Badass by the end of the weekend!

For more information, visit http://www.marblefallslakefest.com/

We hope to see you there!

PS - if you click on the image above - see if you can spot the badass.

Coming Soon

Hill Country Badass is going to feature interviews and stories about individuals in the Hill Country that are plain badass. Be it Drag Boat racing, skateboarding, alternative home design, homebirthing, monster bbq or pretty much anything you think you excel at. If you are a hill country badass, email us at hillcountrybadass@gmail.com and we'll see if you make the cut.